20 DC Introduction

Inside length: 5.895 m
Inside width: 2.350 m
Inside height: 2.392 m
Door width: 2.340 m * 2.292m
Volume: 33 m3
Net of Container: 2230 Kgs
Maximum Gross Weight: 28230 Kgs

Suitable for any general cargo
-Fork-lift pockets for loaded containers
-Various lashing devices with a  permissible load of 1,000 kg (2,205 lbs) each on the top and bottom longitudinal rails and the corner posts
-Lashing rings on each top longitudinal  rail, particularly suitable for the transport of hanging garment equipment

-Majority of containers tested and certified for ONE-DOOR-OFF OPERATION, but then with limited stack weight
-Containers may be equipped with liner bags suitable for bulk cargo, e. g. malt
-Floor height 170 mm (ground level to interior floor surface, tolerance deviation possible)