20 Open Top Container Introduction

Inside length: 5.888 m
Inside width: 2.345 m
Inside height: 2.315 m
Door width: 2.286 m * 2.184m
Volume: 32 m3
Net of Container: 2250 Kgs
Maximum Gross Weight: 30480 Kgs

40 Open Top Container Introduction

Inside length: 11.895 m
Inside width: 2.342 m
Inside height: 2.326 m
Door width: 2.341 m * 2.274m
Volume: 65 m3
Net of Container: 3810 Kgs
Maximum Gross Weight: 26670 Kgs

Specially designed for
– over-height cargo
– heavy loads
– loading from top side, e. g. by crane
– loading from door side, e.g. with cargo hanging from overhead tackle

Floor height 170 mm (ground level to interior floor surface, tolerance deviation possible)

Door header can be swung out on all open top containers
I f required, we can provide disposable tarpaulins. Using one-way tarpaulins requires that the corner castings be accessible
For fastening tarpaulins, lashing bars  are available on the outside of the walls

Equipped with forklift pockets for loaded containers
Numerous lashing devices on the top and bottom longitudinal rails and the corner posts
Lashing devices have a permissible load of 1,000 kg (2,205 lbs) each