20 Flatrack High Cube Introduction

Inside length: 5.698 m
Inside width: 2.230 m
Inside height: 2.255 m
Door width: 0.00 m * 0.00m
Volume: 0 m3
Net of Container: 2500 Kgs
Maximum Gross Weight: 21500 Kgs

40 Flatrack High Cube Introduction

Inside length: 11.660 m
Inside width: 2.200 m
Inside height: 2.245 m
Door width: 2.341 m * 2.274m
Volume: 65 m3
Net of Container: 5700 Kgs
Maximum Gross Weight: 39300 Kgs

Suitable for heavy loads and oversized  cargo
-Equipped with fork-lift pockets for loaded containers
-Numerous very strong lashing devices on the corner posts, longitudinal rails and on base ends
-Lashing devices have a permissible load up to 5,000 kg (11,023 lbs) each

-Maximum payload can only be used if cargo weight is distributed over the total floor area of Flatrack
-If heavy loads are shorter, the payload is reduced.
-Flatracks are equipped with spring-assisted collapsible end walls and twistlocks to interlock 7 units into a 8'6" high pile
-Timber-treated according to Australian requirements
-Welding on Flatracks is not allowed