Platform (Collapsed Flatrack)


20 Platform (Collapsed Flatrack) Introduction

Inside length: 6.058 m
Inside width: 2.438 m
Inside height: 0.37 m
Door dimensions: 0.00 m * 0.00m
Volume: 0 m3
Net of Container: 2740 Kgs
Maximum Gross Weight: 31260 Kgs

40 Platform (Collapsed Flatrack) Introduction

Inside length: 12.192 m
Inside width: 2.245 m
Inside height: 0.648 m
Door dimensions: 0.00 m * 0.00m
Volume: 0 m3
Net of Container: 5950 Kgs
Maximum Gross Weight: 44050 Kgs

Suitable for heavy loads and oversized length cargo
Modified bottom construction designed for loads up to 60,000 kg (123,276 lbs)
Gooseneck tunnel on both ends of 40', platforms

Easy handling/transportation:
– 20' interlocked pile of max. 7 units
– 40' interlocked pile of max. 4 units
– Combined height of less than 2,591 mm/8' 6"

Timber-treated according to Australian requirements
Numerous very strong lashing devices
Allows for transport of heavy loads concentrated on a small load surface area of the floor

Individual solution planning for your scenario may already be worked out or can be calculated on short notice
For break bulk shipments, the static load for 40' Platforms  is up to 85,000 kg (187,390 lbs) as foundation base
For other features please, refer to respective Flatrack series