20 KL TANK Introduction

Inside length: 6.058 m
Inside width: 2.438 m
Inside height: 2.438 m
Door Dimensions: 0.00 m * 0.00m
Volume: 0 m3
Net of Container: 4190 Kgs
Maximum Gross Weight: 26290 Kgs

Top Chosen can provide tank containers which are approved to the highest  standards. Depending on the  characteristics of the products to be carried, the requirements vary. 
Top Chosen offer their services on operational, technical and regulatory questions

Separate tank fleets are available for:
– Alcohols
– Fruit juices
– Edible oils
– Food additives

– Flammables
– Oxidising agents
– Toxic substances
– Corrosives

-Tanks must be filled to not less than 80% of their capacity to avoid dangerous surge/swell during transport
-Tanks must not be filled to 100 % of their capacity. Sufficient ullage space shall be left – which must be determined  depending on the thermal expansion of  the product to be carried
-Certain dangerous products must be carried in tanks having no openings below the surface level of the liquid. Such tanks must be discharged through a syphon pipe by either pressure or pumping

-National road/rail weight limitations have to be maintained when arranging land transports
-For the cleaning of tanks and disposal of residues, dedicated rules apply